White Gum Valley


Dan began instructing for IGKS in 2009 in the old Willagee Dojo. As a child he trained in Ju Jitsu and after the arrival of his son resumed full time training in Goju Karate under Sensei Rod Darling and Sensei Paul Newton. From 2010 to 2012 Dan and his family lived in London where he worked as an executive in a major Oilfield Service Company. During this time Dan trained with a variety of Sensei’s dabbling in Kyokushin, Jui Jitsu, Jodo and MMA.

Dan has studied broadly and travelled extensively over many years in industry. He enjoys the challenge of diverse groups of students and loves seeing students grow and improve.
Dan’s two children Ben (15) and Emily (11) have both trained since an early age and are both assistant instructors at this Dojo. Despite being exposed to some inspirational instructors while in London Emily and Ben couldn’t wait to return to IGKS where “the karate is fun and everyone laughs a lot”!

Students who wish to train more than once a week with Dan will find him at Atwell, Bicton, Canning Vale and White Gum Valley.

White Gum Valley

This Dojo:

This Dojo is located in the Sullivan Hall in the WGV precinct of White Gum Valley.  It has sprung wooden floors, ample space for spectators and newly created outdoor areas including a fantastic barbeque area at the top of the hill nearest the golf course.


Sullivan Hall,
2 Nannine Ave,
White Gum Valley WA 6162


3.45pmKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
4.30pmJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs


Kanga Karate Kids
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