Victoria Park


Senpai Carlene Has the experience of having taught more then 1500 karate classes for kids and adults, she a professional full time instructor that truly cares about every single one of her students she is a passionate karate instructor with tons of experience, that always looks for ways to get closer to teaching the perfect karate class. she is super energetic and highly motivating. especially young students response extremely well  to her style of teaching. She is a black belt and have been under the guidance and influence of one of the most influential masters of our time Hanshi Tino Cerbrano

Victoria Park

This Dojo:

Has a great wibe, the carpet makes the rooms acoustic ideal.



Icecold aircon, Fans, Ideal sound system, Carpet and Mirrors



34 Kent St. East Victoria Park, WA 6101


11.00am - 11.45amKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
11.45am - 12.30pmJunior Karate Beginners 7yrs to 8yrs
12.30pm - 01.15pmJunior Karate Advanced 8yrs to 12yrs
01.15pm - 02.00pmAdvanced Minimum Orange Belt

Class schedule for nearby locations

South PerthTUE
4.00pmKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
4.45pmJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs
5.30pmAdvanced Minimum Orange Belt
6.15pmAdvanced Minimum Green Belt


Kanga Karate Kids
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