Meddington Kids Karate School: Best Martial Arts for Self Defence

Senior Instructor – Sempai Carlene

Senpai Carlene Has the experience of having taught more then 1500 karate classes for kids and adults, she a professional full time instructor that truly cares about every single one of her students she is a passionate karate instructor with tons of experience, that always looks for ways to get closer to teaching the perfect karate class. she is super energetic and highly motivating. especially young students response extremely well  to her style of teaching. She is a black belt and have been under the guidance and influence of one of the most influential masters of our time Hanshi Tino Cerbrano


Senior Instructor – Sempai Tracey

When my son started training at IGKS I joined in with the adults classes. Shortly after, I volunteered to assist. In mid-2012, Sempai Taia approached me with a proposal to assist with the running of the Maddington Dojo when she was away to give birth to her child. Without thinking twice I accepted. With all the support by the other Sempai’s I enjoyed the experience. I am now one of the senior instructors and helps in coaching all grades of students.

Kid's Best Martial Arts for Self Defence

I take pleasure in seeing students of all ages flourish in their abilities. Learning karate can be a benefit anyone of any age, fitness level and ability. Karate can enhance confidence, improved personal safety and flexibility of mind and body. Karate teaches diligence, respect, awareness of others and perseverance. Maddington Dojo gives it’s students the opportunity to be a part of a motivated and dedicated team that teaches traditional karate skills with the mix of modern fitness training techniques.

Perth's Martial Arts Program for Self Defence

Assistant Instructor – Sempai Lauren

Karate is a fantastic sport focusing on individual improvement, discipline and self-awareness; IGKS makes this personal journey a fun experience, taught me camaraderie and gave me full support. For 4 years now I have been training with IGKS and my love for martial arts has been a lifelong one. As an instructor, my goal is to assist each student achieve their best, realize their strengths and encourage their growth both as a student of karate and as a person.


Meddington School Facilities for Martial Art Classes

Junior Instructor – Sempai Emma

14 year old Sempai Emma has been training with IGKS karate for over 4 years now. Karate has help her get fit, boost her confidence and be a strong lady. She enjoys being a Sempai, and takes pleasure in seeing others doing their training and being able to help them out with their techniques.

This Dojo:

With a friendly environment, a vibrant and fun atmosphere the Maddington Dojo prides themselves on being a warm welcoming dojo. With friendly staff who will go out of their way to assist and educate all their students. Maddington Dojo currently has 2 senior instructors, an assistant and a junior instructor as a part of the team. With classes focusing on the karate syllabus but also include a broad range of training games, aids and teaching styles so that they are informative, motivating and most especially fun.


With a large spacious hall, this Dojo facility has plenty of room for different karate activities. It features wood flooring, ceiling fans, reverse-cycle air-conditioning, ample parking space and a large parent seating area in the hall so parents can watch their child train and how their progress week by week. We also provide coffee and tea facilities for our parents and guests while the students train.


19 Alcock Street, Maddington


4.00pm - 4.45pmKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
4.45pm - 5.30pmJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs
5.30pm - 6.15pmKids Advanced
6.15pm - 7.15pm Adults All Levels


Kanga Karate Kids
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