Doubleview – Scarborough

Doubleview – Scarborough


Sensei Paul has been teaching Karate to kids from all over Western Australia for more than ten years.  He has undertaken his training in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and internationally – bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the way he teaches his classes. Sensei Paul has had the privilege to have helped hundreds of children to participate in Karate in a fun atmosphere and understand the value of healthier living and in turn gain greater self confidence. This is also the case for the many teenagers and adults that train in his classes. He also has a team of young enthusiastic Sempais that help with every class. This ensures every member receives the attention they need to progress in their training.



Located within the community centre the hall has reverse cycle air conditioning and parquetry floor. Numerous play areas exist outside the hall for siblings as well as the community library.



Scarborough Civic Centre 173 Gildercliffe Street Scarborough


Kanga Karate | 4yrs to 6yrs3:50pm - 4:30pm4:00pm - 4:40pm
Junior Karate | 7yrs to 12yrs4:35pm - 5:20pm4:50pm - 5:35pm
Advanced Juniors | Red Belt & Up5:25pm - 6:10pm

Class schedule for nearby locations

Morley - InglewoodTUE & THURS
3:45pmKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
4.40pmJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs
5.35pmAdvanced Juniors
6.30pmAdults and Teenagers (THURS ONLY)
9:30amKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
10:25amJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs
11:20amAdvanced Juniors
12:15pmAdults and Teenagers
Mt HawthornWED, THURS & FRI
3.50pmKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
4.40pmJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs
6.30pmAdults and Teenagers (WED & THURS only)
9.30amKanga Karate 4yrs to 6yrs
10.15amJunior Karate 7yrs to 12yrs
11.05amAdvanced Junior
11.55amAdults and Teenagers


Kanga Karate Kids
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